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Windows Embedded Compact 7

Jump Start Kit

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The information in this jump start kit is designed to help developers, new to Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Compact 7), learn and become familiar with the Windows Embedded Compact development environment quickly, working with real world hardware.  This kit includes hands-on exercises written in step-by-step format to minimize learning curve.

The following information and step-by-step hands-on exercises are included:

·         Development environment overview.

·         Develop and customize a Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS design.

·         Generate Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS image from the OS design.

·         Establish connectivity and download Compact 7 OS image to a target device.

·         Develop native and managed code application for Compact 7 using Visual Studio 2008.

·         Establish CoreCon connectivity between the development workstation and target device to download application to a Compact 7 device for testing and debug.

·         Debug Compact 7 OS image on a target device using remote tools.


Note:  The kit includes all needed components to work right out of the box.


More Info: 


Description: Description: Description: eBox-3310A-MSJK

eBox-3310A-MSJK front and back view
(Shown with optional Wi-Fi)

The eBox-3310A-MSJK kit includes the following components:

·         eBox-3310A-JSK compact computing device with 1.0 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, Ethernet, Compact Flash slot, Audio, 3 USB 2.0, 2 Serial port, VGA and more...  

·         512MB Compact Flash preconfigured with bootloader and evaluation Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS image             

·         Power supply

·         RJ-45 cross-over Ethernet cable, Null RS-232 serial modem cable

·         eBox-3310A Board-Support-Package for Windows Embedded Compact 7

·         eBox-3310A SDK for Windows Embedded Compact 7

·         Getting Started guide with exercise in step-by-step format provided in PDF format

BSP, SDK and Software for eBox-3300-MSJK kit

·         eBox-3310A-MSJK Windows Embedded Compact 7 Getting Started Guide


·         eBox-3310A-MSJK Board-Support-Package (BSP) for Windows Embedded Compact 7


·         eBox-3310A-MSJK SDK for Windows Embedded Compact 7


·         AutoLaunch for Windows Embedded Compact 7


·         Ethernet boot loader - Eboot


Note: BSP update and additional Windows Embedded resources are available on


Jump Start kit files and components for the previous version, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, are included with this DISC in the \WINCE600 folder.

Sample Codes for the Exercises in the Getting Started Guide

eBox3310A OS design

This is the sample project file for the OS design project in the getting started guide, used to generate the runtime image preloaded in the eBox-3310A-MSJK kit.



Note:  To use this project, unzip the complete \eBox3310A project folder, including all of the sub-folders to the development workstation's C:\WINCE700\OSDesigns\ directory.


Simple C# Managed Code Application Sample - Visual Studio 2008

This is a simple hello world managed code application in C# created using the Visual Studio 2008 IDE. .



Simple Win32 Native Code Application Sample - Visual Studio 2008

This is a simple Win32 native code application created using the Visual Studio 2008 IDE. .



Serial Port Application written in Visual Basic 2008

This is a simple Visual Basic serial port application created in the Visual Studio 2008 IDE.  This application sends and receives ASCII text messages through a serial port.  By launching two instances of this application on the eBox and connecting a Null RS-232 serial cable between eBox's COM1 and COM2, this application can be used to perform serial communication test between the eBox's serial ports.



Recommended Installation Procedure

Here is a recommended sequence to install Visual Studio 2008, Windows Embedded Compact 7, BSP, SDK and other software components to work through the exercises in the getting started guide.

1.      Install Visual Studio 2008 Professional

2.      Install Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1

6.      Install Windows Embedded Compact 7 Platform Builder

7.      Install Visual Studio 2008 update for Windows Embedded Compact 7

8.      Install ICOP_eBox3310A_70B BSP for Compact 7

9.      Install Vortex86DX_SDK_Compact7  SDK for Compact 7

10.  Install AutoLaunch_v300_Compact7


Recover damaged files for the eBox-3310A-MSJK kit

In the event one or more of the files for the eBox-3310A-MSJK’s flash storage become damaged or corrupted, the original files are provided in the following folder on the jump start CD:



The flash storage provided with this jump start kit is preconfigured with BIOSLoader to launch the preconfigured Compact 7 OS run-time image (NK.BIN) and Ethernet bootloader (EBOOT.BIN).

Information showing how to recover the original files is provided on appendix J, in the getting started guide.

Note:  Information and exercise using DiskPrep, a Windows Embedded Compact power toy, to configure flash storage with BIOSLoader to launch Windows Embedded Compact OS runtime image are provided in appendix H, "Deploy OS runtime image with DiskPrep".


Windows Embedded Compact Information Resources


Windows Embedded Compact product documentation

This web site provides links to Windows Embedded technical resources for developer.


Introduction to Embedded System Using Windows Embedded CE 6.0 - 2nd Edition

This is a university curriculum material developed by Professor James Hamblen with Georgia Institute of Technology

Course Textbook (English)


Course Textbook (German)


Course Textbook (Japanese)


Course Textbook (Korean)


Course Textbook (Simplified Chinese)


Sample Codes for the exercises in the Textbook


Mike Hall's Blog

Anything has to do with Windows Embedded technologies, Mike Hall probably knows about it.  There are tons of useful information related to Windows Embedded on Mike’s blog.


Windows Embedded Compact Base Team Blog

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Olivier Bloch's Blog

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Windows Embedded Resources on EmbeddedPC.NET.

On this site, you can find useful Windows Embedded resources, application notes and how-to.


Windows Embedded Technical Chat

The Windows Embedded Compact product team holds routine technical chat online.  This is the best opportunity to get answer to question that you cannot find answer from documentation and online resources. 


Windows Embedded News Group

Windows Embedded news groups are monitor by Microsoft development team and expert MVP working in the Windows Embedded field.

These news groups are active.  Look for the newsgroup relevant to the question you have from the following URL. 


Windows Embedded Online Community Site -

The Embedded101 site is an online community site where new and seasoned Windows Embedded developers can come together to learn and share technical knowledge.  



Windows Embedded Compact - Books


Professional Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact 7

by Samuel Phung, David Jones and Thierry Joubert


Professional Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0

by Samuel Phung


Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Developer Reference - Fourth Edition

by Douglas Boling


Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Fundamentals

by Stanislav Pavlov and Pavel Belevsky



Windows Embedded Shared Source Projects

Windows Embedded CE Device Driver Wizard


Windows Embedded CE Component Wizard


AutoLaunch for Windows Embedded Compact


FTDI Resources for Windows Embedded Compact


Managed Code Tools for Windows Embedded Compact 7


USB Webcam driver for Windows Embedded CE


Bluetooth Wrapper for Windows Embedded CE


Windows Embedded CE Driver for Phidgets


Open SSH for Windows Embedded CE


32feet.NET - Personal Area Networking for .NET


Windows Embedded CE WLAN Driver for Atheros AR-60001



Other Windows Embedded Resources

Preparation Guide for Exam 70-571:  Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Development

This sites contains learning materials to help prepare for the 70-571 exam.  To become a certified trainer, Windows Embedded CE trainer is required to take this test..  


Dot Net for Devices

This site is packed with information about managed code application development with .NET Compact Framework using C# and Visual Basic.NET.


Learning CE

This site is operated by James Y. Wilson, one of the Windows Embedded MVP.  James delivered presentation at technical conference, published technical paper on Windows Embedded CE and authored one of the most popular Windows Embedded CE book for version 3.0.  There are useful application notes on this site.


OpenNETCF - Smart Device Framework

The Smart Device Framework community edition from OpenNETCF is free.  It's a .NET Compact Framework extension library that help bridge the gap between the .NET Compact Framework and the .NET Full Framework. 



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